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Beautiful set of photos from T.J. Maher of Patthana garden of June Blake's Garden!

Got a review on Trip Advisor, the last paragraph of which I think is epic. :) :) :) Whilst on a recent trip around Ireland with some US based members of my family , we happened to visit Skule, Fedamore, County Limerick and came across a source of sensory delight. It’s called Coolwater Garden and it’s creator, Kevin Begley, is a living fountain of knowledge about anything to do with plant life. He enthusiastically showed us around this haven of creative inspiration where he has assembled an extraordinary and splendid array of flowers and plants, rustic structures, garden figurines and ornaments all complimented by an impressive garden pond filled with aquatic and marginal pond plants not to mention aquatic wildlife. In this space, nature stimulates reverie and sentiment. In an area circa 2000sq. metres, it is truly astounding what a diverse assemblage of plants Kevin has managed to grow and display, not alone native plants but tropical and Alpine species also. Kevin offers wealth of knowledge about gardening, landscaping, plants and creative design that is vast and he is only too willing to share what he knows with you. It is so impressive that an actual bovine managed to climb the stairs to the top of nearby Rockstown Castle to get a better view. True! Just ask Kevin to show you the photograph!!!!! Paul Walsh, Tralee, Co. Kerry