Garden Show Ireland @ Antrim Castle Gardens

Posted: 8/5/2017

Each year, Garden Show Ireland brings thousands of garden and plant enthusiasts to Antrim Castle Gardens whilst offering a great day out for all the family.

There's always plenty of parking available at the nearby Junction One shopping complex with shuttle buses offered every few minutes for the short journey into Antrim Castle Gardens.

This year, the weather was perfect, with the bright sunshine encouraging everyone to attend.

On arrival, the childrens scarecrow displays from various schools around the province where on show with some very interesting entries. Moving on, there where plenty of garden centres and nurseries with a presence and you're never too far away from some tasty treats or entertainment at the range of plant stalls, eatery vans, carts and buses, or with crazy golf and even a climbing wall.

Through to the lawn area which was busy with various outdoor and garden enthusiasts, checking out the plant, and food pavilions, show garden displays and even more choices for a spot of lunch or quick snack.

There were some of our own members in attendance with displays from Ballyrobert Gardens, and others...

Meanwhile, the soothing sound of some jazz playing from the back of the venue created the perfect ambience.

All in all, a great event and one to attend if you're in the area next year.

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Author: Aaron

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