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Address: Annmount, Glounthane, Cork, T45 E510, IE

A remarkable sprawling garden as quoted my Jane Powers, a leading news correspondent for the Irish Times. It is enviably situated on a gentle south facing slope, enclosed by woodlands with a view overlooking Cork Harbour and the Lee Estuary. Sprawling over two acres combining centuries of old age trees, Pine, Beach and Larch with an under story of hazel and holly, and a haze of blue bells in the spring. Planted with Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and Camellias for early colour and hydrangeas for later in a mixed boarder including Betula Jacquemontii.

With the woods dictating the shape and feel of the garden, as well as serving as a pleasing backdrop, an immense beach for instance, sits in the middle of a contoured. Here are Pittospourm, Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Small gravel paths are lined with shade lovers, such as Hellebores, Ferns and Hostas.

Near by a scree bed is filled with treasures such as Salvias, Dwarf Rhodos, Irises, Saxifrages, Gentians, Phloxes and Celmisias and many more.

To the front of the house a large patio with panoramic views over the harbour, to the right of the patio with stream running down the rockers to the larger pool. A large Cornus Controversa stands to the right of the patio. A big favorite of mine. To the right of the Cornus Controversa a large boarder with a series of calm, combining Penstemons, Crocosmias, Salvias, Lobelias, Agapanthus, Eupatorium and Lilly’s.

New areas are constantly being developed and replanted to bring Heaven to Earth. From January onwards the garden comes to life with Hellebores, Snowdrops, Daffodils and Tulips to name but a few.

As you approach the house from the road, one will be confronted with a avenue tree lined and a continuous boarder of shrubs and a winding avenue only to be facing the newly planted orchard with various Maples Restios and Dicksonias.

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We are open for Private Bookings and Large Tours.

When booking a large tour please book well in advance as we are heavily booked.

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